Discount Rates for 2024
How does this work?
Our model is a little different from our competitors.

Instead of hiring contractors specifically for a project, or offshoring work after we've already landed a contract, we hire full-time US-based senior developers to join our team, and then pursue work that fits our collective skillset. That means we have payroll costs, even if we don't have enough clients to keep everyone busy.

Additionally, it's incredibly difficult to plan our workload in a way that let's us sell 100% of our available hours each week. Sometimes we finish projects early, and sometimes we just don't have enough sales (mainly because we're careful not to oversell ourselves). Thus, we often end up with a little bit of extra capacity that just goes unsold - and that's not efficient.

The idea behind our discount rates is that we're selling those extra hours. You get a steep discount on our services, and in exchange we get to slot you in as time becomes available.

You only pay for what you use - never more.

(Curious about Pricing? It's 2 sections down!)
What's the Downside?
Priority. For our full-rate contracts, we allocate a large block of time each week to ensure we meet deadlines and stay on schedule. If you need something additional done quickly, we can often drop what we're doing and accommodate your need the same day, or fairly quickly.

With discount hours, you're buying our spare time. Generally, you can expect 10-20 hours per week to get allocated to your project, but there may be weeks where that's not feasible. There may also be other weeks where we have a large excess of time, and the discount contract feels a lot like our full-rate service. It just depends.

If you have deadlines, but have a little flexibility in the process, it's also possible to combine an overflow contract (at the discount rate) with a priority contract (at our standard rate), on-call contact, or retainer contract based on your individual needs.

We can typically help you decide what's best based on your priorities and answer any questions you have during an initial (and free!) consultation.
How much is the discount?
The discount for overflow hours ranges from 40-50% based on volume.

40% for contracts with no minimum ($90/hr)
45% for contracts with a 500-hour lifetime minimum ($82.50/hr)
50% for contracts with a 1000-hour lifetime minimum ($75/hr)
Is it the same quality?
Yes! We're a small team that's wholly based in the US and made up entirely of senior-level developers. We all work collectively as a team, so regardless of whether your contract is at the standard or discount rate, it's still us working on it with the same skill and attention to detail as all of our other projects.

You're getting a $150 service for $75-$90.
We're getting the ability to sell hours that would otherwise go unsold.
It's a win-win.

The only difference is that our ETA on requests is likely to be longer than our priority-rate contracts, so it's not quite suitable for situations where you constantly have high priority tasks that require us to drop everything and do them right now. It's more typical that discount-rate tasks take several days to get around to.
Your ad mentioned "limited quantities" - What's that mean?
We only accept a small number of overflow contracts at a time.

We do that to ensure we have time to allocate to your project each week, even if the time we allocate is sometimes small in number, and isn't perfectly consistent or uniform.
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