Open, Transparent Pricing
There are no surprises here - we're open with how we bill, and are happy to discuss pricing up-front
  • Trial Period
    Working with a new company is always a risk. We want to ensure you're making the right decision for your business with minimal stakes, so we offer a no-risk, no-obligation trial period.

    We tailor our trial arrangements to your specific project. Typically, our trials cover 10-15 hours of service with no up-front payment, and no charge if you choose not to continue our services at the end of the trial period.
  • Ongoing Flex
    Your business and software needs can change, and we quickly adapt to accommodate that. For long-term and general-service arrangements, we charge a fixed-hourly rate and bill at the end of each month.

    Our standard contract is a no-obligation, cancel-anytime agreement with no questions asked. We do, however, offer discounts for commitments to a certain number of hours or longer terms.
  • Commissions
    We love flexible pricing, but it doesn't fit all projects. If your business has a problem you think software could solve, and off-the-shelf products just don't seem to cover your use case, let us know! We may be able to deliver a customized solution tailored to your needs at a steeply discounted rate.
Not Sure Yet?
We offer a no-obligation, no-cost consultation before you decide to hire us.