Build it Right.
Launch it Fast.
Iterate and Repeat
Great software starts with a great team, and Codeti Studio is just that - a small team of top-notch developers, each with a storied career in the major tech hubs across the US. We specialize in helping Small Businesses & Startups build custom web apps, dashboards, and SaaS products.
Custom Web Apps
Whatever your vision is, our job is to bring it to life. We've worked on everything from large-scale data applications, to stock trading bots & alert systems, to two-sided marketplaces, social media apps, and chrome extensions. We also have a history in project recovery - helping startups get back on-track after bad outsourcing experiences. And, if we're not the best fit for your project, we'll tell you, and recommend alternative courses of action.
Full Stack Development
We specialize in using React, Next, Node, AWS, and PostgreSQL to quickly build high quality web apps, SaaS products, and MVPs. Our entire team has experience with frontend & backend development, database design, and dev ops (AWS, Heroku, and Vercel are our goto platforms).
Technical Guidance & Leadership
Just need someone to listen to your objectives, then come up with a plan, offer advice, and just make it happen? We can help with that too. Our founders have over a decade of tech leadership experience as CTOs and other leadership positions throughout multiple startups. We generally know what works and what doesn't, and would be happy to collaborate in a leadership or advisory capacity if you need it.
One Team
No outsourcing; Fully US-based
Our model is a little different from the normal agency model. There's been a trend amongst our competitors to sell contracts with product managers in the US, and then pawn off the actual work to lower cost contractors or interns.

We don't do that here.

Codeti Studio is a tight-knit team of senior, US-based developers. Our founders are part of the development team, and every developer here at Codeti is on payroll (not contractor status). So when you choose to hire us, you know we're the ones doing the work and responsible for getting it done - not an offshore subcontractor who you've never met.
All Under One Roof
One point of contact to get things done
Each of our team members brings something unique to the table. We have varied backgrounds including launching startups, building high-impact backend systems, managing large-scale databases, system architecture, frontend, backend, web apps, chrome extensions, helping business automate their day-to-day, and more.

If we can't do it or don't have the answer, we'll at least know who to talk to. So we're here if you want advice/guidance on just about anything related to software or startups - even if it's out of scope of the project you hired us for. We're here as your technical partner, and are happy to help however we can.
Your Partners in Success
Experts in our craft; Partners in yours
We take pride in the things we build, and we're selective in the projects we take on.

We only accept projects we can excel at, and clients we can bring value to.

Our role is more than development. Strong communication and transparency are core values of ours, and we make a continuous effort to not just understand your requirements, but your overall business objectives so we can proactively offer our advice and guidance on how to accomplish them more efficiently.
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